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Kjerag Autumn Hike

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About 10,000 years ago, the last ice age ended and massive glaciers scraped their way from the mountain tops down toward sea level. In the process, Norway’s rugged landscapes, most notably its fjords, were formed. At some point, the famous Kjerag boulder was wedged into a mountain crevasse where it has hung ever since. Though it’s suspended a heart-stopping 984 meters above the Lysefjord, fearless visitors get the opportunity to feel the pure exhilaration that comes with standing atop the Kjerag boulder.

Join Outdoorlife Norway on an autumn hike to Kjerag, and witness the magic of the season’s shifting colors and Norway’s crisp and cool mountain air. For many, the trip’s highlight is standing atop Kjerag’s famous boulder, but the trek also provides hikers with an abundance of breath-taking views over the Lysefjord. Snow, when present, contrasts splendidly with the flame-colored foliage. 

The hike to Kjerag is relatively demanding: you’ll trek 11 kilometers (round-trip) with an ascent of 800 meters in approximately* 5.5 hours.  To facilitate hiking through the most difficult types of terrain, Norway's government has contracted Nepalese Sherpas to start making improvements to the trail. During Autumn, weather conditions can be unstable. As needed, the guide will adjust your equipment (ice spikes, etc.) to match the weather conditions. During the 2.5-hour hike to the boulder, you’ll encounter periods of steep climbing interspersed with shallow valleys.

The final 2 kilometers leading up to the Kjerag boulder are relatively flat and will allow you to focus more on the beautiful nature around you. Once you reach the edge of the mountain’s plateau, while standing on a 1000-meter-high cliff, you will be rewarded with panoramic views of the 42-kilometer-long Lysefjord.

*In the event that snow is present, your hike may last longer than approximated.

Fra NOK 1'390

+7 Tilleggsmuligheter

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07:00am Stavanger Bed & Breakfast
07:05am Clarion Hotel Stavanger (on Arne Rettedalsgate)
07:10am Thon Hotel Maritim (outside of main entrance)
07:10am Stavanger City Centre / Domkirkeplassen
07:15am Scandic Stavanger City (outside of back entrance (facing the parking lot))
07:20am St. Svithun Hostel / Hotel (outside of main entrance)
07:30am Kronen Gaard Hotel
09.30am Arrival at the start of the hike
approx. 12.00-12.30 Arrival at Kjerag 
approx. 15.00-15.30 Return at the parking lot
approx. 18.00-18:30 Return in Stavanger, end of trip

  • Transportation from Stavanger to start of the hike and back.
  • Guide with navigation, safety and emergency equipment.
  • Free use of hiking poles
  • All necessary equipment (spikes, poles, etc.)
  • Hot beverages and snack during the hike.


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