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2. Segway Tours Stavanger

From NOK 595

Segway Tours Stavanger is proud to offer you a wonderful tour of Stavanger. 

Be sure you glide with the original - Segway Tours Norway! 

Norway´s only authorized Segway Tour operator

Segway Tours Stavanger offers you the complete experience: 

- Our 1,5 hour Segway Tour is the perfect opportunity to check out the latest, cool transportation craze while taking in some signature Oslo sites 
- A great orientation.
- Informative historical and current-day information.
- Fantastic photo ops.
- Personal service from your guide.
- An opportunity to ride the coolest machine in the world, and more.

Age limit 16 years.

You will find us at Strandkaia 61 (Guide Companiet), please call us for any questions: +47 471 471 11

From NOK 595

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  1. Strandkaien 61