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Åkrafjord & Langfoss Wasserfall (English)

You will experience the mighty Norwegian nature in all its glory; the typical landscapes of the West with its long fjords, dramatic waterfalls and tall mountains.


  • Pick up point is at Garpaskjærkaien harbor i Haugesund
  • Includes a typical Norwegian local lunch buffet with tastes of the sea and the land. 
  • Photostop at the Haugesund Town Hall
  • Photostop at the Langfoss waterfall
  • Stop at Unni Marie rosemaling shop

Romantic landscapes, rosemaling and farm food. Amongst this natural inspiration, you will be introduced to rosemaling – decorative painting, a folk art that originated in rural Norway – and the tasteful food of the local farms. Decorative ornaments of swirling flowers in refined color combinations is what you will discover in the home of an experienced rosemaling artist, Unni Marie. Take a look into her atelier and enjoy the traditionally Norwegian crafts and a beautiful garden.

This tour is a fjord experience full of contrasts: mountain roads, idyllic yards and lush hillsides. As you travel through these mighty landscapes, you will hear stories of life in mountain caves and inspiring tales. The tour will also include a lovely typical Norwegian local lunch buffet.

NB! Pick up point is at Garpaskjærkaien harbor i Haugesund. The guide will meet you right outside the security gate of the cruise ship, 30 minutes before departure.



  1. Haugesund